Reverent Road to Sunday: A Daily Journal for Developing Spiritual Habits in the Liturgical Year

Reverent Road to Sunday: A Daily Journal for Developing Spiritual Habits in the Liturgical Year

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This full-year spiritual journal will help you track your spiritual progress throughout the whole year from January 1st 2021- December 31, 2021.

Each day has a checklist that helps you incorporate seven daily habits into your day.  This includes the Morning Offering, Daily Mass, Silent Prayer, Spiritual Reading, the Angelus, Rosary, and Dailey Examen.

You will also get all the daily Mass readings listed (Bible chapters and verses) and feast days for both the Extraordinary and Ordinary Form Liturgical Calendars.

If you have been struggling to bring more order and consistency to your spiritual practices then this journal will bring you organization and personal accountability.

You will also be reminded to abstain from meat every Friday, go to confession each month, and fast during Ember Days and others from the 1962 Calendar.

Imagine what your spiritual life will look like after a full year of staying consistent with your spiritual goals while using this valuable resource to keep you organized.


-      All daily readings listed (Bible chapters and verses) and feast days for the Extraordinary and Ordinary Form Calendars
-      Daily checklists for incorporating daily habits of prayer into your life
-      Full calendar year
-      Space for journaling thoughts and prayers
-      Organized, Designed, and Constructed by Tony & Kendra of Reverent Catholic Mass, LLC.

An Organized Aid for Developing Spiritual Habits in 2021!

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The moment I saw the Reverent Road to Sunday planner, I knew it was JUST what I needed to help me keep my prayer life on track! I always have the best intentions of getting in my daily Spiritual Reading, the Angelus, and more – but I tend to let things slide in the shuffle of life.

The daily checkboxes are the perfect thing to help me prioritize the prayer habits I’m trying to build. And there’s plenty of room to jot down my prayer intentions or notes on Scripture and Spiritual reading.

I highly recommend the Reverent Road to Sunday planner for any Catholic who wants to take their spiritual life more seriously. This is an amazing daily tool to help you live out a prayer life more fully centered on the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

- Sara Estabrooks, To Jesus, Sincerely

Reverent Road to Sunday

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