COVID-19 and Reverent Mass Online

Links to Reverent Mass Online and thoughts on the Virus
March 27, 2020 - 3:43pm

COVID-19 and Reverent Mass Online


Have you even heard something so shocking that it leaves you speechless and it feels like someone just sucker punched you in the stomach?


This is how I felt when our bishop announced that all public Masses were canceled.  I did not even know how to react.


Thankfully, there are many Reverent Mass options where you can view the Mass Online.  Check out the link below, posted by St. Raymond of Penafort Parish, to find the Extraordinary Form and several Reverent Ordinary Form Masses.


Reverent Mass Online


Things have changed dramatically in the past week and I think all of us can still barely keep up.


But this is what I am thinking. 


  1. 1 St. John, 4:18. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear brings punishment.And he who fears is not perfected in love. Our Lord Jesus Christ says do not be afraid. (Douay – Confraternity)
  2. Mass is still being offered constantly throughout the United States. It’s just not public. Christ is still being made manifest.Christ will never abandon the Church.
  3. As the Body of Christ, we should find ways to cautiously help our neighbors in need. Does your parish have a list of the sick published in the bulletin? Maybe write them a letter.Is there anyone homebound that you know about? Reach out if you can. Conduct a food drive, if possible. The food banks are getting low.  Also, don't forget to continue to tithe to your church.  They still need help.
  4. This will pass. Probably sooner than we are being told. Be patient.
  5. Offer this up for the Church and those far from Christ. Hand over your sufferings. Give all things to Him.
  6. Remember it still Lent. This is a forced penance. Don’t waste it.
  7. Nothing just happens. God is using this for something good, despite the awful suffering. Let us pray to accept His will.
  8. You can still get into many of the churches around the country to pray. Stop by and visit the Lord in the tabernacle.
  9. Memento Mori – Remember Death
  10. Let’s never take for granted the opportunity to go to daily mass, confession, or adoration again.


Number ten is very important.  There have been times in my life when I was really struggling and I would think, what a blessing it is that I can always go to confession.  But there are places in the world where this is not true.  It is hard to access the sacraments for some people.  We should never take this for granted.  We should also pray that more holy priests answer the call.


Finally, we must pray for our bishops and priests who are heroically running towards the danger to administer the sacraments to the infirmed.  This is sadly killing many heroic priests in Italy.  Pray for their souls and pray for your priests.

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